Trig's Smokehouse World's Best Brats

This traditional bratwurst is to Wisconsin what fried chicken is to Kentucky. The aroma will transport you to the fun of summer cookouts by the lake and fall tailgating at the football game. The look is exactly the shape and size you’d expect from the perfect traditional bratwurst, a nice combination of pinks and browns. But when you bite into this juicy bratwurst, you’ll know you’ve never had another brat like it. Inside of the all-natural casing, each brat is made with 100% lean pork. Don’t let the leanness of our bratwurst fool you, the meat is still moist, tender, and very hearty. Our top-secret, award-winning brat seasoning compliments and spices up the lean salty pork, making this a peppery and savory bite of bratwurst heaven. Our customers have told us this is one of the most flavorful brats they’ve ever had!